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Bookings: All seminars are restricted to 12 couples only!

Please note the different locations of the seminars

  1. You can access the booking pages in multiple ways:
  1. You can click on the seminar theme directly which brings you to further details and the booking option.
  1. Alternatively you can click on the button which brings you to the full listings of all seminars with a path to booking.
  1. Also on Bookings/Prices you can reach the seminar listings.  
  1. Please register in couples!!!

Seminars - Friday, 18th May 2018

Time Clarisa Aragon & Silvana PrietoJonathan Saavedra & Matias Batista Aleman
19:00 - 22:00 (S1) Ladies Technique (A/B/C) (S2) Men's Technique (A/B/C)

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Seminars - Saturday, 19th May 2018

TimeCarlitos Espinoza & Noelia HurtadoJonathan Saavedra & Clarisa AragonMatias Batista Aleman & Silvana Prieto
12:00 - 17:00

(S3) Tango Seminar: SOCİAL DANCE (B/C) Fully booked

12:00 - 15:15


(S5) Musicality: the beat, half beat, musical resources... (B/C) 

fully booked

15:30 - 18:45

(S7) Milonga Seminar (B/C) 


 Canisiushaus Community Hall Suedstadt Community Hall Suedstadt

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Seminars - Sunday, 20th May 2018

Time                Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado                    Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa AragonMatias Batista Aleman & Silvana Prieto
12:00 - 17:00        

(S4) Tango Seminar: 
Fully booked

12:00 - 15:15


(S8) The art of the enrosque (B/C) 
15:30 - 18:45


(S6) Tango de pista (B/C)Fully booked

LocationCanisiushaus WalhallaWalhalla

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