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Andres Molina

While Andres will perform on Friday with his partner Natasha, he will act as the DJ in the Gran Milonga on Saturday. More under Maestros.

Jens-Ingo Brodesser 


During a DJ-set I select music from my collection which fits best for providing an interesting dancing experience. I try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translate this feedback into the tanda. My tango collection is quite vaste and in high resolution for best sound perception. 

I play mainly from the Guardia Nueva and Epoca de Oro repertoire but there are no limitations, everything is possible. If I feel that a newer song fits the moment and it’s dancable I play it. 

In my opinion it is very important to provide a variation in musical style between the tandas and to develop a tanda flow for having an enjoyable milonga.

Jo Switten 

Asya Moiseeva 

I am from Saint-Petersburg ( Russia). My experience in tango DJ-ing began in April 2014.
I started to put music at regular milongas in Saint-Petersburg and later at milongas in Moscow. Gradually I started to receive invitations to international events. Since then I have worked in many marathons all over Europe (O' Cerasiello, Remolino, FTM, TangoJam, 4 Saisons,La Cita de los amigos.....)
The whole of last year,I was resident dj at the oldest milonga in Saint-Petersburg - Casa Latina. Now I live in Paris and DJ at local milongas while still travelling regularly
to DJ at international events.
I love not only tango, but music in General...I love jazz, play guitar and ukulele,
a little bit of saxophone. I think that my music education and overall love of music helps me in DJing.

Nikita Vasilev 

 First I loved tango as a dance, and only then I discovered the depth of the music and started DJing on the regular milongas in France. Soon after, my geography of DJ sets spread to Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Finland and Italy. 

I lived in many countries of Europe before settling back in my home town St. Petersburg. This formed my philosophy and vision of my role as a DJ. Like many DJs and dancers, my heart is with the Golden Age of tango (1935-1955), because for me this music is the most sincere, diverse and multilayered.

I build each milonga like a picture, only with the last stroke you can see it as a whole. But each tanda is like a small story or a small stroke. Therefore, I try to make the dancers completely immersed in the atmosphere of music and milongas, and not afraid of small experiments that harmoniously complement the overall picture.

Happy dancers - happy DJ - this is the formula of great evening and night.

Andreas Neumann

Andreas was one of the first who helped shaping Siempre Tango in Karlsruhe in the nineties of the last century and was actively involved in establishing the Karlsruhe Tango Festival. He became passionate about the tango music and developed quickly to become one of the first DJs in Karlsruhe. Far ahead of his time, he developed a special passion for the very old records, when those were far less popular than they are today. In 2008 Andreas moved to Hamburg where he continued his activities as a DJ in the local milongas there. He kept a close relationship to Siempre Tango and has been a regular visitor of all its festivals ever since.