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Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado

In spite of their young age, Carlitos & Noelia are already living legends. Without a shadow of doubt they are the most influential couple of their generation. Their dance is milonguero-based infused with some modern elements reaching highest levels of musicality and dynamics. The couple enjoys overwhelming success, especially with young crowds, which helped the new milongero-style to complete dominance in Europe.   

Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon

This highly talented young couple are the world champions of 2015 (Campeones Mundiales de Tango Pista). Powerful, elegant, dynamic combined with high musicality, their dance have something pure and original in the best tradition of Buenos Aires. 

Matias Batista Aleman & Silvana Prieto

Silvana Prieto and Matias Batista Aleman are a young couple of the highest calibre who combine high technical qualities with an extraordinarily elegance. Their dance perfectly reflects the music in the best tradition of  a "pure" Argentine Tango. They are the champions of Tango Pista of Buenos Aires city competition in 2016, and have, ever since, established themselves as sought-after maestros of tango de salon and ambassadors of the dance joining tango festivals all around the world. It is tango de pista in perfection.

Andres Molina & Natasha Lockwood

"Andres and Natacha met four years ago in Buenos Aires milongas. She is from Paris. He is from Buenos Aires. This encounter will be a blast. Early 2015 they decided to work together, based in Paris, to develop and share a renewed vision for tango.

They look for an organic and cheerful dance, focusing on sensations and musicality, yet keeping present the essence of tango, sparing superficialities and clichés. When they dance, they actively listen and inspire each other. Their quality of movement is a combination of smoothness and power, grounding and presence, creativity and expression.

Their way of teaching is based on precise internal body technique, which allows comfort and fluidity individually and as a couple, as well as communication and improvisation. Socially open and fun, their classes are both challenging and playful and bring practical tools to improve and develop the dance.